Caut!on Tech, LLC
You should not have to be lucky to be safe.

Meet The Company

We are Caut!on Tech, LLC.

A Minnesota based startup company which specializes in producing software and technology that will benefit the everyday user. We believe in an equal chance opportunity for everyone's safety, and we are currently working on ways that you can believe this to be true.

Meet The Team

Sulaiman Bada - Co-Founder and Product Manager

Sulaiman Bada is the Co-Founder and Product Manager of Caut!on Tech, LLC. He decided to start the company because he believes in safety, community, information, and the power of technology. He envisions Caut!on Tech, LLC being the gateway between information and safety around the world.

Sheikh Fahad - Co-Founder and Business Operations Lead

Sheikh Fahad is the Co-Founder and Business Operations Lead of Caut!on Tech, LLC. He saw value in the company as safety was an important factor from where he came. He believes "you should not be lucky to be safe." He also believes in what information technology and data can bring to not only the realm of safety but to the people in their communities.